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Amazing Teachers

Mr. Kraljic

  • "Arghhhhhhh!" (a common Kraljic exclamation)
  • "Good!" (response to most comments made by students. You must say 'good' in a distict Kraljic voice to make the quote work)
  • "I think you're passing." (in response to Brad's question of how he was doing in the class. This is a classic example of Mr. Kraljic's vague yet blunt answers to questions)

Mr. Radtke

(see Council Crusanders (canon))

Mrs. Neagle

  • "You guys! We HAVE to convert these pesos into USD!" (Mrs. Neagle reveals her true FDA ties)

Other teachers

Mr. Spring

  • "Mississippi is the most retarded state in the union!" (A classic Springpwn)



  • "You guys are more into this techno-freaky world and its like... what the hell?" (Epic Sean proclamation #1)
  • "My 5-year old knows my credit card number... BY HEART!" (#2)
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