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Rahaman Kargar

  • "Hey, white boy!" (Classic hypocritical slander)
  • "Hey, fat kid!" (*see above*)
  • "You... could sue." (in response to Joey complaining about Ms. Stacey's joking comment about religion, later refered to as "Rahaman's discount legal advice")
  • "I'm making a friggin' sick puzzle...shoot, I screwed up my puzzle!" (Said in Health while copying down a projection with information in the form of a puzzle)
  • "So... is a wet willy considered rape?"

Ryan Whitney

  • "This one's the big juicer!" (according to popular legend, said to Joe Horgan during summer 2005, thus accidentally giving name to the most feared and famed water gun in the USF)
  • "Dude, stop using the internet! Use Firefox!" (Whoops)
  • "No you retard, they speak Australian!" (Two in a row...)
  • "Okay guys, it's time to stop acting like dumbasses and start acting like retards!" (3 FTW!)

Eric Whitney

  • "Ya. Air is pretty dense." (Mr. Glick would be proud, wouldn't he. Science made EZ with Eric Whitney.)


Guy outside of the Federal Courthouse

  • "'Dey wanna take 'way m' marajuana wid'out due process 'f law!" (Drunken rant delivered during Evan and Brad's wait for mock trial)

Guy at Open House Day

  • "Are you by any chance related to Dr. Bannus?!" (when the Van der Kloots said that their son was named Bannus during the Health Open House)


  • "I'm confused, what's he talking about? If he's talking about Digimon I haven't heard of the Digimon that he's talking about and such because all the Digimon I don't know about are the ones from the movies. Who is this Dakari?" (WTF???)
  • "So what are we even talking about, my brain can be confused easliy if the people who make the threads to not put alot of detail for me to read to figure things out." (I'm not going to waste typing on this moron...)
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