Old Flames

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Old Flames of have produced many memorable quotes. Here's a few to get you started!


Joey's Old Flames


  • "He's so... charasmatic!" (in response to Brad's question "what do you find in joey?")
  • "Joe, Had a great year! Awesome times, especially as we drew towards the end! Have fun next year and we can keep our relationship alive evn if we're not at the same school! Luv ya!" (epic yearbook signature, often refered to as "Spot those Lies!)



  • "Yeah... I'll talk to you tommorow..." (in response to being asked out by joe horgan in 2006, which was at first taken as a yes, but later reveiled to be a resounding no)
  • "I'm not really going to go into dating... I want to focus on my studies." (in response to being asked why she turned Joey down)


  • insert "Pour Joey" here*

Evan's Old Flames


Bradley's Seven Deadly Flames???

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