Kopak Films movies

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The Scots

  • "The vikings came with their one oar...[in background]...WITH THEIR ONE OAR!!"

The Adventures of Astro Bunny

Astro Bunny

  • "AHHHHH! Shooting! Shooting!" (Astro Bunny in a blind panic)
  • "Oh animal friends, hear my cry. Let me live, and please not die." (Astro Bunny appealing to the wilderness for help in a form of poem)
  • "Behold... MACBETH'S CROSSING!" (dramatic declaration followed by a pan to a poorly constructed "bridge", and the Isengard theme from The Lord of the Rings)

Evil Enemy #9

  • "Commence the guillotine!" (at the execution)

Dodechahedron of Love

  • "Ridin' in my 18-wheeler...Ridin' in my 18-wheeler—"
    "Stop! You're going TOO fast!"
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