Council Crusanders (canon)

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Otis Thompson

Jonathan Radtke

  • "Every public document is a public document"... (Radtke laying down the facts to Meiklejohn)
  • "I'm ashamed to be sitting on the dais with them." (Radtke commenting on the Green Party members of the board)
  • "I'm not sure." (Radtke when asked if he and Meiklejohn were on speaking terms)

Mary Jo O'Connor

Ellen Alcorn

Tae Chong

John Coyne


Ben Meiklejohn

  • "It's great to see you guys doing the doors, finally." (MEIKLEJOHN SNIPES!)

Stephen Spring

Jason Toothaker

Non- Entities

Teri McRae

Lori Gramlich

Susan Hopkins

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