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Former Heretics/Enemies

Current Heretics/Enemies


  • "Don't tell anyone... But I'm rich!" (whispered to Luke Barbour on first day of 8th Grade, the first thing he had ever said to a student)

The Riddler

  • "Answer me this, Bradley. Do you... watch porn?" (epic jump-the-shark question asked to a perplexed Brad Barbour)
    • Note: Different stories are presented about this story. Emily's version of the story is that she was proving Josh and Ben wrong by asking Brad to comferm the fact that he doesn't watch porn on the school computers.


  • "How many undiscovered islands are there in the Galapagos?"
  • "If you chop off your hand will it grow back?"
  • "Did this happen recently?!" (Upon learning about Pearl Harbor in 6th grade)
  • "Were the Nazis good guys?" (Upon studying about WWII)
  • "WHAT????" (Outspoken disgust after Dr. D described OF3's story as a 'tour de force')
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