Araungzeb Classics

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Around, Arunod and Arundo

Episode 1:Say it Ain't so, Machine Gun Arundo

  • You hear that? Crisis time. We all get payed the same, we're all going to serve the same, let's go, go! (Socialist rallying call)
  • Looks like they should have hired your wages (Arundo snipes. Literally.)
  • All right Arunod, your chaos has gone far enough. Time to finish this! (Socialist/Arundo confrontation)

Episode 2: Pesos in the Drinking Water

  • I wish I wish, to undercut the USD! (Socialist Commander manifesto)
  • The Socialists won a war, I'll give them a war! (Arundo laying down the law)
  • Come over here 'ya commies! (Prelude to a common ruse)
  • Look, I have had to deal with pesos my entire life, I am the FDA chief, do you know how hard it is? (FDA Chief reminisces)
  • Leave us here. We'll die. (FDA technician dramatizes)
  • Well Arunod, I'm afraid I'm going to have to.... *mumbling*.... here. (Treason revealed)
  • The only line I remember is the line.... in the sand." (Arundo pistol butts)
  • They say that when two people meet they either kiss, or they die. And you know I'm not the romantic type." (Socialist Commander Ultimatum)

Episode 3: Where Everyone Goes, Machine Gun Arundo

  • I don't really deal with medicine! (Arundo is a Christian Scientist?)
  • You just made... a mistake... (Socialist Commander badly acts)
  • The Cholera?! (Arundo realizes the confusing "truth")
  • One corpse too many, I'm afraid... (Socialist Commander makes a quizzical Cadfael reference)
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